A Simple Chaos
1 min readJan 22, 2019



Rest looks different for everyone. Sometimes it means literally falling asleep.

Sometimes it can mean stopping in the middle of the day to breathe and enjoy lunch.

Sometimes it means saying no to others in order to find your center.

Last week, rest called for me stop. Stop forcing myself up in the morning. Stop with the rigid schedule and the routine.

Stop trying to find joy where there might not be anymore.

So last week I stopped. I rested.

And this week, I arrived fresh. I entered into my routine, maybe not overly excited, but curious.

I got up without major complaints and it wasn’t an overwhelming hassle to get to where I needed to go.

Rest recharged me to try again.

Because it wasn’t the routine that was the problem.

It wasn’t the busyness of the day.

It was just needing a moment to breathe. To catch up. To remember why I was doing it all in the first place.



A Simple Chaos

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