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What Shape Should This Take?

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. — Confucius

After almost a week of color coordination, I’ve decided that it’s time to discuss shape. I trust that colors, shapes and any other element of beauty has an endless amount of learning available, and I will gladly let the more passionate and knowledgeable handle that realm of things.

Shapes were a little bit harder to search for, surprisingly, due to their use in a variety of education settings. Luckily, the internet is a bottomless pit and if you dig far enough you always strike gold.

Take, for example, this short and sweet video by Design Dojo. They have short and sweet videos for a variety of areas. Similarly, this video by Mr. New helped to highlight a few common categories that shapes fall into:

geometric: tends toward straight lines, boxy corners and are common for man made structures

organic: shapes tend toward curved lines and are commonly found in nature

regular: shapes follow mathematical understandings, while irregular shapes do not. Regular/Irregular can be used to describe both geometric and organic shapes

Lastly, this video by Modern Day James provided more depth to a topic that I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about before.

These videos felt a lot more straight forward than the the color videos, however I’m finding that things like lines, form and space all have their own rabbit hole to go down. So it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. For now, I’ve highlight a few of my own items and identified them within the categories listed above.

Do you pay much attention to the shape of material items in everyday life? If so, what do you notice most often?

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