Beauty Day 3: Value — But Not The Kind You’re Thinking Of

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2 min readAug 4, 2020


Yesterday I mentioned that I didn’t fully understand value when it comes to color, so today I took a deep dive on what it means to find value in colors.

I felt pretty silly by the third video of the day when a simple Google search defined value as, “ as the relative lightness or darkness of a color. It is an important tool for the designer/artist, in the way that it defines form and creates spatial illusions. Contrast of value separates objects in space, while gradation of value suggests mass and contour of a contiguous surface.”

Although it’s still taking me some practice get the terminology down, it’s been really interesting learning how artists reference color and teach those skills to others. My videos of the day: Quick Tips by In The Studio Art Instruction where Dianne used shades to teach the understanding of value in color. And Paul Foxton teaching how to match shades using value and paint.

Since understanding beauty involves me trying my hand at creating beauty, I had some fun with a variety of markers to test my understanding of value. I don’t have paints to play with for some of the learnings, but after watching the videos I may have to invest in some to continue this learning process.

Do you recommend any good starter paint sets?

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PS. If you want to learn something I never would thought I would learn, check out this video on the truth of the color wheel.

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