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2 min readJan 23, 2019

A belief in fullness.

Yesterday I couldn’t stop eating. It was a hunger that came from deep in my belly and while occasionally I would feel “satisfied” and take a break, the hunger came back quickly and the eating would start again.

What about thirst? That was there too. I drank over 100 oz of water yesterday, and the hunger was still there.

So today in yoga my intention for myself and the world was fullness.

I believe in fullness. In feeling full. In the fullness of life. In the abundant fullness which means I never have to hunger.

And there is privilege in that.

In fullness. In the belief of fullness.

But as I venture out today, I’m believing in the fullness of the seen and not seen. The tasted and the smelt. I believe in the fullness of myself, as a whole, capable person. And I believe in the world, as full of opportunities to seize and move forward, into more fullness.

Some may call this manifesting, some may call it prayer.

But today, when I decided to study and chance getting to work late, when my breakfast spilt with limited time left, when my dog’s paws hurt in the cold forcing us to go inside and start all over again.

I believed in fullness. My brain was filled with new ideas. My stomach was filled with home cooked food. My dog was full (or empty) from healthy time well-spent outside.

And I was filled with gratitude as I ran to the bus with the final 3 seconds left on a crossing signal and the bus driver chose to wait for me.

There is fullness everywhere.

Not that hunger ever goes away. But maybe it depends on what you try to fill it with.

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